A collage was presented at the Show-n-Tell, Grand Finale of the Write-n-Tell focus group on transnational/cross-cultural self-making, Otherness and inbetweenness. The following is a revised collage after the group discussion following her presentation.

By Asian Feminist, August 2012

The Whole Collage

Close-Up 1

Close-up 2

November 2, 2012
By Yukyung

This fall, I am having conversations with people with whom I have worked and lived, and whose life concerns seem to resonate with my research themes.

I launched this phase of my research with a trio conversation at my favourite Chinese vegetarian restaurant downtown east Toronto followed by a more relaxed chat at a cozy local bar. It was before one of us worked a night shift at a women’s shelter.

The second conversation was with a woman I have known since my first year in Canada who now lives on an island in South Korea where I dream to live after my diaspora. We looked at the Lake Ontario together sharing a muffin. Our life has evolved a significant distance since we met. This feminist art therapist friend was visiting Toronto for her father’s medical operation.

I am having this fall series of conversations with only a few significant people in my life. If you are invited, please see my overall research questions:

Questions to Think About

and my letter for more details of my research and your potential involvement is linked below. Somewhat official Consent and Withdrawal Forms are also included there.

Invitation to Fall Conversations

Warm Wishes,


by Daughter S
For the Grand Finale of the Write-n-Tell Focus Group on August 2 2012

I wrote this after coming ‘home’ from an outing with colleagues. This, in many ways, sums up what I often felt about socializing, both in Canada and in my ‘back home’. While I try not to claim a moral high ground and/or victimhood, my feelings are my feelings after all. They are not perfect and similarly no place is ‘home’ in the sense we have read about ‘home’ in stories, folklores, movies, memoirs and what not. I am coming to peace with the fact that ‘home’, ‘feeling at home’, ‘reaching the home I always looked for’ etc., are all a) subjective and therefore, b) they are contested. I am fine with having to always look for it and “never really getting it…” as I said in a short documentary I and my friend made about racialized women’s feelings of home and belongingness in multicultural Canada. Read the rest of this entry »

by Nuri, Fall 2011



The White woman screams.


“My vagina, my village.”

The woman of colour looks away from the audience and says quietly and slowly.


“Throwing up, couldn’t eat.”

The East Asian woman with a petite body, I, complain as a teenage girl.


(All the above quotes are from Eve Ensler’s The vagina monologues (1998).) Read the rest of this entry »

by Daughter S

(from the 15-minute free-hand writing exercise in the Write-n-Tell: Transnational Feminist Self-Making Focus Group, 26 July, 2012)


I feel/felt in-between on many occasions. Some of them I feel nervous to go back to for fear they will bring bad memories and also for fear that they will show near and ear ones in bad light…I feel in between when my mom would drop me off at school instead of my dad…I was a kid then…

I felt in-between when I married a non-Brahmin person and could see my in-laws taking pride in my Brahminness. I felt like challenging them but did not as I was supposed to be the docile daughter-in-law. I sucked up my social justice value at that time. What makes non-Brahmins feel they have a step-up in marrying Brahmins? Read the rest of this entry »

The Grand Finale of Write-n-Tell Focus Group
Transnational and Cross-Cultural Feminist Self-Making, Otherness and Inbewteenness
Thursday, 2 August, 2012


from Yukyung for Participants


On 2 August, 2012, You are invited to show and tell about your relationship with your feminist/women’s rights/gender equity and justice values in your transnational/cross-cultural life in Toronto as an ethnic and cultural minority woman, as you define it.

You can employ multiple modes of showing and telling in 5-8 minutes for your own showcase with a personal narrative, poetic writing, dialogue, visual image, artifact and/or even a drama skit … . The audience can be your props, sound effect, etc. Feel free to ask us what we can do for your gig.

To prep the showcase, we will do our free-hand writing with our previous writings, images and objects from the previous sessions. Please bring all of them.

I could either photograph or videotape your showcase. Either just for you, or for my record as well, ONLY IF you are interested. Please let me know by Wednesday morning if you are, and/or if you have any other special request.

Also planned for this session:

- Potluck lunch to celebrate the completion of our summer write-n-tell project. You are welcome to bring an item to share, if you can.

- Discussions on how the focus group went, what it meant to us

- Individual feedback form

- Ideas for the possible future connections

By Daughter S, July 19, 2012

The idea of home has become maddeningly complex over the past few years. Earlier it used to be this place, a few walls, friendly voices and gestures, smells of cooking, and noise of mother’s bangles when she was cooking. I and my brother used to study together, and fight over who gets to read the monthly kids’ magazine first. Ma used to leave for school early in the morning, followed by us. Baba would come time to time from work. On summer evenings when there was a power cut, we would go to the courtyard and lie there and baba would tell stories. Star gazing was great as well while we would listen to the stories. That was home.

When I grew up, I started having weird ideas, feeling awkward. Did not do well in school, did not feel smart enough, was grumpy and a trouble at home. That was a phase. It went by fairly quickly but by the time it was over I had grown up. My tastes had formed, and education was making more sense. Soon I was away from home, at a university residence. Grown up women and their grown up stories. Working hard for grades, competing for teaching jobs. Landing a job, a decent one; all these got me further and further away from home. Read the rest of this entry »

by Nuri, 19+1 July 2012 (rev. 24 July 2012)

After a night on the couch, I went to my empty room to get my meditation music. I still had to do the two important timely things on my top priority list for my study. I thought I would eat and do the two things after sending another important and timely message to my supervisor, the professor who is leaving my current hometown in less than two weeks to return to her home after her recent retirement. After carefully composing this message and sending it along with my breakfast, I will be ready to do some yoga, and work on the two things.

I grabbed a pile of music CDs: along with the meditation music put together by Dr. S. that often works for my morning with last-minute efforts on my computer, two Putumayo albums from the Lands of Wine and Coffee, a collection of women’s jazz and may be one more album. I came back to the dark living room where I have been working or breaking from my never-ending housework. I inserted the meditation music CD into my old Mac purchased in Seoul where I lived for two years where I was treated as a foreigner although my green passport is from there. Read the rest of this entry »

Some words and images from the Write-n-Tell focus group about Transnational Feminist Self-Making with Otherness and Inbetweeness

Click the image you want to see closer.

My gender and my nationality are inseparable (Star Kwe, 12 July 2012.).

We need to first build democracy to be able to be feminist . . . .
Mission not yet accomplished. (Lily, 12 July 2012)

Read the rest of this entry »

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